Create a no-code affiliate program for your product, SaaS application or tool with stripe.

Easy Integration

Use low-code no-code integration to connect your Stripe account, paste the snippet on your web pages, add two lines of code and you're done!

If you have any questions or run into any hiccups, our installation concierge is standing by to help out. - Create a no-code affiliate program for your product. | Product Hunt

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How it works

Setup Your Campaign

Choose the commission you want to offer in exchange for sending you new customers.

Your customer acquisition cost becomes locked in at a specific percentage of revenue and you don't pay for marketing that doesn't lead to paying customers.

Recruit Affiliates

Invite your fans, influencers, existing customers, strategic partners and affiliates to join your referral program.

They'll receive their own personal dashboard where they can generate referral links and track their success.

Pay Commissions

You get new customers from your advocates and show a token of appreciation by rewarding them with commission on the new revenue they generate.

Manage your program through your Merchant Dashboard and keep tabs on free trial signups and commissions that are pending, due, or paid. We'll even send you a friendly reminder when payouts are due with the exact amounts owed to each affiliate.

“This product enables no-code makers to create their own affiliate programs and integrates easily with Stripe.”

Stephen Campbell

Founder & CEO,

Special Features

Stripe affiliate program verified partner

Flexible, SEO-friendly links

Link to any page on your domain with a clean URL parameter (? via=justin). Notacky re-directs or 3rd party subdomains.

Affiliate Sections

Create different segments for your customers, strategic partners, resellers, affiliates or whatever you wish.

Two-way Stripe sync

View your affiliate/referral data directly from your Stripe dashboard. The deepest integration with Stripe you'll find.


You shouldn't have to raise another round just to see if referral or affiliate marketing works for your business.

14 days free trial. 2 months free with annual pricing



+9% Transaction Fee

Unlimited revenue from affiliates
Unlimited active affiliates
Unlimited visitors
Growth features avail. at $25/mo add-on
14 Day Trial



0% Transaction Fee

Up to $1000/month from affiliates
Unlimited affiliates
Unlimited visitors
14 Day Trial



0% Transaction Fee

Up to $10,000/month from affiliates
Unlimited affiliates
Unlimited visitors
Unlimited campaigns
14 Day Trial


0% Transaction Free

Unlimited revenue from affiliates
Unlimited active affiliates
Unlimited visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Does you handle customer refunds?

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We will automatically recalculate commissions when an invoice is fully or partially refunded.

Many affiliate & referral platforms expose sensitive customer data. We redact all sensitive data, while still providing affiliates the transparency they need.

Are webhooks allowed?

Send webhooks to your app or a 3rd party service when certain events occur in your account.

Is email integration supported?

Connect to other apps you're already using, like Drip, ConvertKit, MailerLite, and

How long do cookies last?

Set your own cookie length to corresponds with your typical sales cycle – or stick with our default.

What currencies do you support?

Support for receiving payments in multiple currencies. Generate and assign commissions in the same currency the referred customer payed in.

Am I allowed to do my own TOS?

Add your own Terms of Service affiliates must agree to when joining your program with our WYSIWYG editor – or link to your existing TOS.

Can I pay commissions as a one time fee?

Pay one-time or limited-time commissions as an alternative to recurring commissions.

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